The Military Child Education Coalition announces a series of Parent Education Webinars for military‐connected parents and professionals who work in support of military‐connected children.

Tuesday, March 2
Helping your Military Child Deal with Daily Stress and Frustration
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web1621/event/registration.html

Wednesday, March 3
Raising a Confident Child in an Uncertain World
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web1721/event/registration.html

Tuesday, March 9
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web1821/event/registration.html

Wednesday, March 10
Internet Safety
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web1921/event/registration.html

Tuesday, March 16
Applying to a Service Academy 
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web2021/event/registration.html

Wednesday, March 17
Financing Your Military Child’s K‐12 Education 
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web2121/event/registration.html

Tuesday, March 23
Test Taking Strategies for Elementary School Students
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web2221/event/registration.html

Wednesday, March 24
Test Taking Strategies for MS HS Students 
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web2321/event/registration.html

Tuesday, March 30
Benefits of Using Sign Language with Your Young Children 
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web2421/event/registration.html

Wednesday, March 31
Helping Your Child Learn Through Play 
6 p.m.
Registration link is http://militarychild.adobeconnect.com/web2521/event/registration.html


These webinars are open to all interested participants and offer research based information and ideas for participants. Mark your calendars and register for the webinar that fits your needs. Once you’ve registered, you will be able to view the live webinar or watch a recorded presentation after the recording is processed. 

For more information: Parents@MilitaryChild.org