We know being cooped up in the house can be stressful. Below are resources to help you reduce anxiety:

If you, your family member or a shipmate needs someone to talk to, we are here for you. Here is contact information for or your installation.

Anxiety:  Nature vs. Nurture

Apps to reduce stress

Behavioral Health Toolbox for Families:  Supporting Children and Teens During COVID-19 Pandemic

Care for Yourself
   Young Adults

Check your battery

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Coronavirus Disease 2019: Stress and Coping

Counseling for youth

COVID Coach -- App helps build resilence, manage stress and increase your well-being


COVID-19 Guide -- Mental health information and resources


Discussing Coronavirus with your Children


Emotional Health Check-Ins during COVID-19


Families Overcoming Under Stress (FOCUS)


Finding the Right Words to Talk with Children and Teens about Coronavirus

Five Love Languages for Children

Five Ways to deal with Pandemic-Created Stress

Feeding your Relationship:  Small Things Often

Healthy Habits and Our Anxious Mind


Helping Homebound Children during COVID-19 Outbreak


Keeping your Family Strong:  Tips for Building Family Resilience


Leading the Way video -- Parenting in the Face of the Unexpected and Unknown:  Responding to COVID-19


Lockdown grief


Mindfulness Meditation with Chaplain Kim - 1


Mindfulness Meditation with Chaplain Kim - 2


Mindfulness Meditation with Chaplain Kim - 3


Mindfulness Practices for Families


My Navy Family -- Download the mobile app at


Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus


Relationship survival during stressful times


Self-care and mental health tips for kids


Self-care Challenge


Stress Relief for Caregivers and Kids during COVID-19


Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health during an Infectious Disease Outbreak


Taking Care of Your Family during Coronavirus


Teaching Children Calming Strategies video


The Oyster and the Butterfly:  Corona Virus and Me -- a video book to help children process feelings during these stressful times


Time is Money


Working at home with kids


Yale's Science of Well-Being course -- A world where millions of people who learn and think differently can thrive at home, at school and at work.



Spiritual Connections

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