No gym? No worries. 

You can download the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) app on your phone. NOFFS is the Navy's world-class performance training resource for Sailors.

Daily workouts:
   Marine Corps workout of the day
   20-minute circuit workout
   At-Home Chipper
   Bodyweight workout
   Plyometrics HIIT
   Pyramid Power
   Tabata Total Body

Daily workout videos*:
   Barre with Jenna
   Bodyweight-only workout
   Couplet workout
   Lower body/core workout

   Plyo with Jenna
   Step 'n Stretch with Emilee and Lanna
   Strong Nation
   Strong Nation by Angela
Strong Nation by Angela - 2

   Tai Chi
   Upper body workout

Four-week Workouts:
   Cardio - Any cardio equipment
   Cardio - Bike, Elliptical or Arc Trainer
   Cardio - Treadmill
   Cardio - Rower
   Metcon - Body Pump Bar
   Metcon - Exercise Band
   Spin by Kari
   Spin by Maria

HIIT videos*:
   30-minute workout by Kari
   20-minute CFL workout by Gill
   HIIT by Jenna
   HIIT by Jenna-2

Home exercise hacks video

Homemade fitness equipment

Yoga videos:
   Power Flow
   Yoga with Adrienne
   Yoga with Ditta 
   Yoga with Ditta - 2
   Yoga with Ditta - 3
   Yoga with Ditta - 4
   Yoga with Ditta - 5
   Yoga with Ditta - 6
   Yoga with Ditta - 7
Yoga with Ditta - 8
Yoga with Ditta - 9
Yoga with Ditta - 10
Yoga with Ditta - 11
Yoga with Ditta - 12
   Yoga with Maryam
Yoga with Maryam - Hip-opening flow session
Yoga with Maryam - Flow into split session
   Yoga with Rebecca
   Yoga with Rebecca - 2
   Yoga with Rebecca - 3
   Yoga with Rebecca - Mommy and Me Family Yoga
   Yoga with Rebecca - Deep stretch
Yoga with Rebecca - 6
Yoga with Rebecca - 7
   YMCA Yoga videos

Zumba videos*:
  Strong Zumba with Angela
  Zumba with Angelica - 1
  Zumba with Angelica - 2
  Zumba with Angelica - 3
  Zumba with Jenna - 1
  Zumba with Jenna - 2
Zumba with Jenna - 3
  Zumba with Spring
Zumba with Spring - 2
  Zumba with Spring and kids
Zumba with Spring - 4

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Kids Fitness
Here are some ideas to help the kids to burn off energy:

Get Moving Today! Early childhood activity calendar

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout videos

Indoor obstacle course

Jump-rope tricks

Kids yoga classes: 
   Cosmic Kids yoga
   Kids yoga exercises
   Teen class

SHAPE America - Society of Health and Physical Educators

Take charge of your health:  Guide for Teenagers





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