About the pools

Is there recreational swimming and lap swimming?

Yes. Capodichino FitZone pool offer lap swim. Support Site and Carney Park pools offer recreation swim. Please see the operating hours at the right of the pool web pages.

What size and depth are the pools?
  • Capodichino FitZone pool is 25-meters long and has six lanes. It is 5 feet, 8 inches deep.
  • Support Site pool is 25-meters long with a recreational swim area and two lap lanes during recreational swimming. The deepest area is 12 feet.
  • Carney Park pool is 25-yards long with a recreational swim area and two lap lanes during recreational swimming. Its deepest area is 11 feet.
Do you have lifeguards on duty?

Yes, we have certified lifeguards on duty at all pools.

Are the pools ADA compliant?

Yes, we have chair lifts available at all our pools.

Are lockers, showers, towels and goggles available?
  • Lockers or baskets are available at all pools.
  • Showers are available at all pools and swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool.
  • At Capodichino FitZone pool, towels are available at the Fitness Center front desk. Towels are not available at the Support Site and Carney Park pools, so please bring your own towel.
  • Goggles are not offered.
Are swimmers required to wear a swim cap?

No. However, swimmers with long hair should put the hair in a ponytail or braid.

May I wear a t-shirt in the pool?

Yes. The shirt must be a designated rash-guard-type swim shirt or a plain white t-shirt not loose/baggy.

What is the temperature of the water?

Capodichino FitZone indoor pool is heated, so the water temperature is approximately 82 degrees. The outdoor pools at Support Site and Carney Park are not heated (heated by the natural sunlight), so the outdoor pool water temperatures vary depending on the weather.

Does NSA Naples have a swim team?

A youth swim team is affiliated with the DOD schools and European Forces Swim League. For more information, go to

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas outside each facility. Smoking is prohibited inside pool facilities.


Kids swimming

What are the age limitations?

Children 10-17 years old may enter the pool without an adult only if they have a valid Navy Youth Swim license and valid military dependent ID card.

Children without a swim license, and any child under 10 years, must have an adult parent/guardian (18 years or older) with them at the facility at all times.

Do children take a swim test?

Children who do not have a Navy Youth Swim license must remain in shallow water (head and shoulders above the water when standing flat-footed) and must have an adult with them in the facility at all times.


Non-swimmers must be supervised by an adult/parent in the water within arm’s reach at all times.

What is the Navy Youth Swim Test?

The Navy Youth Swim Test is way to assess the swimming ability of all children 17 years and younger. It is offered daily by lifeguards at times determined by the pool staff. Once a child passes the test, he/she may attain full access to the aquatics facility including slides, diving board and other recreational activities.


Lifeguards may require additional testing for swimmers, if and when needed. The lifeguard has the authority to request reassessment of any child at any time. Additional testing may be required for lap swimming.


Navy Youth Swim Test minimum criteria:

  • Swim a minimum of 25 meters without stopping using a recognizable front crawl or breaststroke, showing rotary/rhythmic breathing and demonstrating comfort while swimming with face in the water. No stopping, no underwater swimming, no swimming with face out of the water and no swimming on the back allowed.
  • Jump into deep water, self-rescue/return to the surface
  • Tread water for one minute
  • Exit the pool unassisted
How long is the Navy Youth Swim license valid?

The swim license is valid for one year. All swimmers 17 years and younger must take the swim test each year at the beginning of the summer season.

May kids use the slide?

Children 17 years and younger must have a Navy Youth Swim license to use the blue and yellow slides.

Is there a wading pool?

There are wading pools at Support Site and Carney Park aquatics facilities. However, there is no lifeguard on duty in the wading pool. Per CNIC instruction, “The wading pool and surrounding area are the responsibility of aquatic staff members. However, a wading pool does not require a lifeguard stand or a staff member to be physically stationed at the wading pool perimeter. The direct supervision of a child must be maintained by the parent, sponsor or individual responsible for the child. This individual must remain in constant and direct supervision of the child while using the wading pool.”

Are waterproof swim pants required?

Waterproof swim pants are plastic or vinyl-covered swim diapers that prevent leakage and fecal contamination of the pool. ALL children ages 3 and younger, and children older than 4 that are not completely toilet trained, are required to have on waterproof swim pants at all pools. If fecal contamination of the pool occurs, it may result in the closure of the pool for 24-72 hours. Waterproof swim pants can be purchased at the front entry counters at Support Site and Carney Park pools.

Can my child wear water wings? If not, does the pool offer lifejackets?

No water wings or inflatables are permitted inside any of the pools. Lifejackets are offered at all swimming facilities. The use of U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal floatation devices is authorized anytime.

May we bring our own toys?

Small toys are permitted. However, as per CNIC instruction the following items may not be brought in to the pool, “Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, rafts, kickboards, inner tubes, scuba gear, swim fins, masks, water wings, balls, Frisbees, inflatable objects or other similar items.” The use of these items is only authorized for organized programs or classes conducted outside the regular hours of operation. Kickboards and other items of equipment used for lap swimming are authorized.


Admissions and fees

Is there an admission fee?

There is an admission fee for recreational swimming for ages 6 and older. Daily passes and 10- or 30-visit punch cards are available for children ages 6-15 and adults 16 years and older.

Is there an admission fee for lap swim?

No. Lap swim is a component of Fitness, which is a mission-essential program. So, lap swim is free.

May I bring a guest to the pool?

Yes. Each ID card holder 18 years or older may bring up to four guests.

Guests must be accompanied by the military sponsor at the Support Site and Capodichino FitZone pools. Guests of the Carney Park pool must provide a valid, paid Carney Park entry pass.

Who is charged an admission fee?

Admission is charged for everyone 6 years and older during recreational swim times. CNIC instruction states, “For recreational use, all patrons who enter the facility, regardless of purpose, e.g., leisure swimming, sunbathing, child supervision, may be assessed the daily admission fee.”

Does each person need his/her own punch card?

No. Children 6-15 years old may gain entry using the same punch card and adults may use the same 16 years and older card. For example, a family of four with two elementary school children may purchase two cards (two punches of the adult card for the parents and two punches of the 6-15 years card for the children).

Are rain checks available if the pool closes early due to bad weather or other issues?

Yes. Rain checks are issued to people who must leave due to the pool closing early for weather or other issues.

What if I lose my punch card or rain check?

All punch cards and rain checks are recorded and can be tracked. If you lose your punch card or rain check, please notify the Aquatics staff as soon as possible. Replacement cards are issued at no cost.

When do punch card expire?

Punch cards are valid for the current summer swim season.

Are refunds be issued for unused punches?

No. There are no refunds for unused punches.

Are people be able to leave the pool and return without paying again?

Yes. You may exit and re-enter the facility without having to pay for readmission. Before you exit the pool area, you must receive an identification mark or wrist band from the cashier. However, readmission depends on the capacity of the pool. For example, if the pool is at capacity when you return, you must wait in line for other people to exit before gaining readmittance.


Fee reinstatement

Why were fees reinstated?

Before 2015, admission was charged for recreational swimming as instructed by the Navy Installation Command (CNIC). Recreational swim fees were eliminated in 2015 at NAVSTA Rota, NAS Sigonella and NSA Naples. This was the result of a strong MWR financial condition within the EURAFSWA Region and because of that strong position, MWR was able to pass on the benefit to Sailors and their families in a number of programs. Unfortunately, the Navywide MWR financial position has become much less sound this year and has forced Regional MWR programs to review all pricing levels, programs and services.

How did you determine the admission fees?

The daily rates are the same as 2014, the last year the pool charged admission. In light of that, and for additional value, multiple visit punch cards are being offered. These admission fees do not fully offset the costs of maintaining and operating the pools but they help produce enough revenue to keep operations at the same high standard for our customers. MWR wanted to avoid any reduction in recreational pool services to customers even during this tough financial year.

Why can’t recreation swimming be free?

Navy Installation Command (CNIC) instruction states that everyone is assessed a daily fee for recreational swimming. As an MWR Category B program, recreational swimming must be partially sustaining. As with any business, the pool must be able to cover the costs of labor, maintenance, equipment and supplies.

Do other Navy installations charge admission for recreational swimming?

Pool fees vary at military installations. In the case of EURAFSWA installations, to keep prices as low as possible, the fees were reinstituted at the same price as they were at those locations in 2014. MWR continually reviews pricing structures in all of its programs with the Navy chain of command. With recreational swim fees being reinstituted this year, MWR closely monitors and recommends changes to keep fees as reasonable as possible and still maintain financial solvency.

What other options are available for children to do on base during the summer?
  • Child Development Center and School Age Care summer “Camp Adventure” programs have swim days included in their summer programs. Children are not required to pay the recreational swim fee if attending through CDC or Camp Adventure.

  • Reel Times 2 offers family-friendly matinee movies during the summer.

  • Strikers Bowling Center offers children’s bowling programs during the summer. Kids may bowl Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Cost is $5 for one hour of bowling and includes shoe rental and a $5 PowerCard for games. Bumper Buddies, a program for preschoolers, is held on Wednesdays. Also, Strikers has an eight-week kids’ program June 4-Aug. 27 on Monday nights. The cost is $8 each week. Kids who bowl each week will receive a free bowling ball at the end of the session.


What may I bring to the pool

May I bring my own food?

Yes, you can bring your own food, snacks and drinks to the pool facility. All food and drinks must be consumed in the designated eating areas only. No glass or breakable plastic containers are allowed. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. There is a NEX-operated snack bar at Support Site and Carney Park pools.

May we bring our own toys?

Small toys are permitted. However, as per CNIC instruction the following items may not be brought in to the pool, “Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, rafts, kickboards, inner tubes, scuba gear, swim fins, masks, water wings, balls, Frisbees, inflatable objects or other similar items.” The use of these items is only authorized for organized programs or classes conducted outside the regular hours of operation. Kickboards and other items of equipment used for lap swimming are authorized.

May we bring our own radios?

Only small devices equipped with headphones are allowed. Portable radios, televisions or music devices are not permitted by patrons in the pool enclosure anytime.

May I bring my pet or service animal to the pool?

No pets of any kind are allowed into the swimming pool facilities. Persons with designated, command-authorized service animals must contact the Aquatics Director for further information and/or the pre-approval process.


Lessons, classes and training

What classes do you offer?

MWR Aquatics offers:

  • Group and private swim lessons for infants through adults
  • Water fitness classes
  • Lifeguard certification training
How often do you have swim lessons?

Please call Aquatics at DSN 626-4254 or commercial 081-568-4254 for details

Are children taking swim lessons charged an admission fee?

No, the only charge is for the actual lesson.

Are adults who accompany their children to swim lessons charged an admission fee?

No. Parents/guardians are be permitted to accompany their child(ren) into the aquatics facility to ensure supervision during swim lessons.


How to reserve the pool

How do I reserve the pool?
  • Capodichino FitZone pool may be reserved for training or PT outside of peak lap swim hours. A maximum of three lanes may be reserved at one time.
  • Support Site and Carney Park pools may be reserved for private functions outside of regular operating hours, for a fee. Fee is dependent upon patronage. Please call Aquatics for more details.
Do I pay recreation swim admission if I attend a private party?

No. Private parties are managed through alternate means and agreements.