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Group Fitness Classes

Current group fitness schedule here.

Classes are limited to 8 patrons per class and participants must adhere to the current COVID-19 guidance. Group exercise may be held outdoors based on instructor preference and weather.


The Fit Park is located near the main doors of the Fitness Forum on Support Site. It is open daily.

The park includes six pull up bars, six adjustable decline ab benches, three sets of parallel bars, and six box jumps of varying heights.

All MWR-eligible patrons (active-duty and retired military, DoD civilians and family members) may use the park. People 16 years and older may exercise at any time. Children 10-15 years may access the Fit Park when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Currently, there is no capacity limit established. However, the park is for individual workouts only. You must maintain a six-feet/two-meter distance from people who do not live in your household.

If you wish to sanitize equipment before/after use, please bring your own supplies. Please keep the park clean by placing trash in the provided trashcans.


Here are two circuit sets you can do at the Fit Park:


Circuit 1

Do four rounds of 10 reps each for the following exercises with no rest between exercises. Take a one-minute rest between rounds.

  • Pull ups
  • Crunches on the decline ab bench
  • Dips on the parallel bars
  • Box jumps
  • Run one lap around the Village Courtyard


Circuit 2

Do five rounds of 12 reps each for the following exercises with no rest between exercises. Take a 45-second rest between rounds.

  • Leg raises on parallel bars
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Ab twists on the decline ab bench
  • Hanging leg raise
Do lunges around the outside perimeter of the Fit Park


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