Youth Mental Health Resources

The following professionals are available 24/7. They support you and can offer advice.

Military OneSource
Counseling services are available to U.S. military family members 13 years and older.

Fleet and Family Support Center
Services are available to U.S. military/civilian/contractor family members. Counseling for individuals (children and adolescents) and their families.

  • Office:  081-811-6372 / DSN 314-629-6372
  • After hours:  331-691-8268

U.S. Naval Hospital, Pediatrics and Family Medicine
To schedule an appointment with your primary care provider, call 081-811-6000 / DSN 314-629-6000 or visit

Employee Assistance Program 
Links employees’ family members to qualified local services and provides licensed confidential support to help with difficult issues.

  • DONCEAP:   001-888-320-2917 or 001-888-262-7878
  • NAF EAP:  001-800-932-0034

Military Family Life Counselors
Military Family Life Counselors provide confidential non-medical counseling, consultation and outreach services to eligible children, youth, parents, faculty and staff both on and off military installations.

Child & Youth Programs

  • 347-840-1078
  • 344-441-8751

Elementary School

  • 345-353-2301
  • 344-449-5509
  • 346-369-1675
  • 345-853-8972

Middle / High School

  • 345-937-8003
  • 348-117-8743
  • 347-643-5193

Offers 100 percent confidential counseling with no reporting requirements for a wide variety of religious and non-religious issues. Chaplain services are available to military/civilian/contractor family members.

Office:  Capodichino 081-568-3535 / DSN 314-626-3539 and Support Site 081-811-4600 / DSN 314-629-4600
After hours:  366-680-5972

Local Resources

Joy Center:  Supports the emotional, social and developmental needs of children from all U.S. military bases in Italy.
366-724-6600 or

Reach Aut:  Provides clinical individual and family support to any age group from childhood through adulthood.
342-800-6115 or

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