Needed: Alma Mater reps

College and Career Fair alma mater representatives needed!

Volunteer your time and represent your alma mater at this fall's NSA Naples High School College and Career Fair.

College and Career Fair date/time/place:
Tuesday, Nov. 19
NSA Naples High School Cafeteria
1-4 p.m.

Please contact your alma mater and become "vetted" or registered. This is to ensure you are providing accurate and up-to-date information regarding your school. Also, colleges and universities often will send printed materials and giveaways including pens, stickers, etc., to hand out.  Please have these materials shipped to your mailing address with plenty of time for arrival. You can start with your alma mater Office of Admissions.

Some questions you may get on College Night:

- Is there a point of contact for GI Bill questions?
- What are housing options (i.e., mandatory for Freshmen to live on campus) and housing options for long breaks (are student required to vacate at Christmas, Spring Break, etc. or is there a stayover option for students?
- What are meal plan options (mandatory or not) and are there off-campus meal plan partners (may students use their meal plan at local establishments)?
- Financial Aid office deadlines for FAFSA and CCS Profile, if required.
- What is the residency determination process for in-state tuition? Are there any inter-state compacts? Are there any military waivers?
- Student Fees and Health Insurance cost breakdown.
- Does the school provide application fee waiver codes for interested students (or as an incentive for the local college fair opportunity provided)?

If interested in representing your alma mater at College Night, please email Register by Sept. 1.