Auto Skills Center

Where do I get the CIP Card for the car wash?
CIP Cards can be purchased at the Auto Skills Center office as well as the Tickets and Travel Office.

Does the Car Wash CIP Card operate the vacuums?
Yes, the CIP Card operates all of our car care systems. It is a prepaid debit card and as long as there is money on the card you can use the machines. Service is 24/7.

Where can I add money on the CIP Card?
You can add money on the CIP Card at the Auto Skills Center and Tickets and Travel office, during regular hours of operation.

How can I begin working on my vehicle at the Auto Skills Center?
Visit the center during hours of operatin. Bring your Military/DoD Civilian ID card and MVRO car registration form. You will be asked to fill out some paperwork so you can use the facility. Then we will take you on a short tour of the facility and explain services you can access.

What is the bay fee?
The bay fee is $4.50 an hour. If your car must be left overnight there is a $10/per night fee.

Do you sell oil?
Yes, we have a variety of different engine oils to choose from. Prices vary depending on the type of oil you purchase.

Do I need anything special to purchase oil?
We need a current copy of your MVRO car registration every time you purchase oil.

Do you sell oil filters, car parts, or tires?
No, we only sell oil. Our staff can always direct you to another location to obtain the items you are looking for.

Are tools included in the price of the bay fee?
Yes, we have a very large selection of tools you may use for your repair needs.

Can I bring my own oil into the shop?
Yes, you can bring your own oil and tools into the shop.

Do you teach classes on how to change oil etc?
We offer a free workshop that goes over basic vehicle knowledge at least once per month.

Are there mechanics on staff that can assist me if I have a question?
Yes, we have two full time mechanics on our staff.

How much oil can I buy at a time?
You can buy as much oil as you need to change your oil for the vehicle you are currently working on. They are monitored per customer by your license plate number; each customer is allotted 8 quarts a month per customer.

Can I take oil home?
No. The policy on base is that all oil must be used within the shop’s gated area. You can always buy one or two quarts to top off if your vehicle is running low as long as it is done on site.